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Posted Jan. 8, 2015


Each week, one of you accepts the challenge of picking six games. Those with the two best records after the season then face each other, on New Year's Day, in the TCFA Bowl.

Each year's winner is showered with gifts and, more importantly, is inducted into the TCFA Hall of Fame. Past inductees Joe Borzyn, Mike Unger, Kris McBride, Dan Waters, Michigan Bob Seif and Rick Santangelo stand alongside TCFA Hall of Famers such as LaVar (No Last Name Necessary), Drew Brees, Jack Ham and Woody Hayes. The TCFA College Football Contributors Committee has also inducted such luminaries as Beano Cook, Willie Nelson, Chris Fowler and Benjamin Franklin. In that order.

We ask that each of the prognosticators submit a photo with his/her picks, too.

editor picks: week 14: the end is nigh

This is where we stand here in the college footballing regular season of 2011: At. The. End. Now, don’t cry, folks. While it indeed sad to say good-bye to this latest chapter in the history of Our Great Game, and while it is true that we have good reason to lament those barren Saturdays that lie before us, it is also true that, whether we want to admit it or not, all good things really must come to an end. College football is no exception. The time has come. We must accept it, and we must move on. But we need not accept it, nor need we move on, until this last True Weekend Of College Football has past. So let us enjoy it, shall we? My last picks of the year are as follows.

Connecticut at Cincinnati: Lots of folks are hating on the Big East of late. But I will not hate on the Big East, because while it is true that there are A Scant Few college football fans up in the Greater Northeast, it is also true that Our Beloved Game was born up in the Greater Northeast. For this, we should offer our friends in The College Football Hinterlands support. In other news, Paul Pasqualoni is currently coaching at Connecticut, and this is both bizarre and inexplicable. Cincinnati 28, Connecticut 14

No. 22 Texas at No. 17 Baylor: I remain deeply befuddled by the fact that Texas is ranked in the Top 25. I also remain deeply befuddled by the fact that Robert Griffin III somehow ended up at Baylor. Baylor 31, Texas 21

No. 10 Oklahoma at No. 3 Oklahoma State: A few weeks back, The Aforementioned Robert Griffin III tore the Oklahoma defense to shreds in the kind of Stunning Display Of Athleticism And Dominance that very likely caused the entire state of Oklahoma to question their collective worthiness to exist in This College Football Universe. And yet, even with those memories of Griffin eviscerating the Sooners' defense still fresh in my mind, I somehow trust Oklahoma. Because let’s face it: Without T. Boone Pickens, Oklahoma State is Purdue. Forever and always. Oklahoma 38, Oklahoma State 37

No. 5 Virginia Tech vs. No. 20 Clemson: [Takes shot of whiskey; looks to sky for guidance; proverbial leap of faith] Clemson 24, Virginia Tech 21

No. 14 Georgia vs. No. 1 LSU: I’ve had an awful lot of really smart people tell me this week that Georgia has a chance to win this game. But you know what? Georgia does not have a chance to win this game. For evidence, please see every game LSU has played so far this season. Or just re-watch the tape of Georgia vs. Boise State. LSU 27, Georgia 13

No. 15 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 Michigan State: The world is a cruel and unfair place. And so it is sad but true that hateful individuals such as Bret Bielema often enjoy great success. There’s no point in whining about it. Such is life. Montee Ball is the best player that America does't care about, Russell Wilson is the best quarterback in America not named Andrew Luck, and the Badger offensive line is a collection of human bulldozers. Wisconsin 41, Michigan State 28

2011 tcfa playoffs: the field is set

The 2011 TCFA Playoffs are officially underway, and this year’s competition figures to be the most tightly contested yet. That’s because, in an unprecedented situation, we here at TCFA had five Guest Prognosticators finish 5-1 during the regular season. We also had one Guest Prognosticators finish 6-0. That singular perfect Guest Prognosticator was none other than New Friend Of TCFA Dr. Chaz Pike, and after this weekend—after Dr. Ted Donnelly, Patrick Hyland Sr., Joe Borzyn, Dan Hughes and Colleen Hyland battle it out for championship week supremacy—Dr. Pike will know who he shall face in the 2011-2012 TCFA Bowl. Congrats to Chaz for making the cut, and congrats to our playoff contestants for making, at the very least, the playoffs. The name of the playoff winner will be posted in The Hangover on Monday. We will also check in with both Chaz and his still-to-be-determined opponent later this month, as we roll toward bowl season. Thanks to everyone for playing. As always, it's been fun.

TCFA guest prognosticator Standings

Your Editor: 43-19 ... Packing it up. See ya.

Dr. Chaz Pike, aka Official TCFA Bowl Scouting Expert: 6-0 ... Absolutely convinced the Georgia Bulldogs are gonna beat LSU this week. I am not quite so convinced.

Dr. Ted Donnelly, aka Official TCFA Scottish Football Correspondent 5-1... Crystal Palace over Manchester United? Ted applauds.

Michigan Bob Seif 5-1... I cannot imagine his happiness. Michigan is back.

Patrick J. Hyland Sr., aka My Father and Mentor: 5-1 ... Urban Meyer to Ohio State. So, at the very least, one of his two favorite programs will be in good shape for the next few years.

Dan Hughes, aka Official TCFA Hot Sauce Correspondent: 5-1... Ditto.

Joe Borzyn, aka The Ever-Loyal Joe Borzyn: 5-1 ... Another Zip-related question: Does Akron soccer have a shirt sponsor? If so, it is a tire company?

Dan Waters, aka CEO of Google: 3-3 ... Did Conestoga High School have a shirt sponsor? If so, was it Lexus?

Mike Unger, aka Podcast Co-Host Mike: 2-4 ... BAR TOUR.

Johnny Fisher, aka Official TCFA ESPN Correspondent: 1-5 ... In the media maelstrom. Interesting times at ESPN of late, no?


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